genuine healthy house

The house durable for 100 years

Exclusively using healthy and environmental friendly materials

Exclusively using healthy and environmental friendly materials

We build a house excluding the non-durable materials such as plywood, laminated lumber, wood glue and vinyl materials, building materials which release chemical substances or bring negative impact on health.
That is our promise to build the house with not even one millimeter's cheat . We take time and effort and with great cordiality work on building a house to live healthy, safe and secured, long and fulfilled with dear family. We pursue the genuine good house building with the mission of " 0 zero manifesto" "quatro thermal insulation" and "industry top one security and guarantee".

The reason for durability. Performance of thermal insulation.

moisture permeability. moisture control. thermal insulation. thermal shield.

  • High energy saving effect. Less heat loss by heat bridge phenomenon and great improvement for sufficient cooking and heating.

  • Improved durability. Control condensation within walls and improve structure durability.

  • Healthy house. Greatly control condensation to reduce mold and mites which causes asthma and atopic dermatitis.

  • Even temperature in all rooms. Create the comfortable indoor condition with less uneven temperature on inside walls.

Consequently the comfortable house year round is realized

Cool in summer Warm in winter

The reason for durability. Quake resistance.

The section view of foundation structure

Strong foundation structure for a house with peace of mind.

To prevent concrete from cracking due to the pressure on up and down, generally a single (or single layer) rebar supports, however, one rebar cannot cover the stress when a big earthquake occurs.

Mutenkakeikaku applies two layers rebar structure "double reinforcement arrangement" and mat foundation method to all the buildings, equivalent as the gas station which had no damage at the time of disaster. A big earthquake is no longer a possibility . Assuming that it comes in near future, it is significant to fully prepare.

Timber framework method and panel building system


Conventional timber framework method ,which does not have design limitation and can easily renovate , and a panel building system which applies a two-by-four system to provide a strong earthquake resistant, take advantage of the features.

Firstly it is constructed by conventional framework method. We assemble the foundation, post and beam to construct a solid timber structure. Instead of diagonal bracing as conventional framework, we set panels outside of structure material as a bearing wall to be able to disperse the horizontal big force which exerts the building and receive the force on the whole wall.

Sustainable house against earthquake and typhoon.

Support NOT on dot, BUT on plane. That's why it is strong for earthquake! Not shaky by the wind!

Devotion for peace of your mind.

Devotion for peace of your mind.

Things we do because we are confidence with the quality.

To pursue the genuine comfortable house, Mutenkakeikaku conducts inspections on toxin, radioactivity, thermal insulation and sound proofing. We also apply the structural calculation to assess the durability for earthquake, wind and snow, and boric-acid treatment for American dry-wood termites on construction material.
In addition, we take out an insurance policy to protect customers from the contract to consignation in case of the consequences to our company and we thoroughly evade any sorts of risk.
We believe that the real relationship with our customers starts after the house is built. We will protect your house with the various services after sales regularly for you to live in comfort 10 years ahead, 20 years ahead and even 100 years ahead. We run events for house owners to gather and operate the community site exclusively for the owners and we establish the system for owners to speak to us with free mind after living the house for a while and we would like to be the one who is always close to our customers.

How much in total after 30 years?

the comparison of the maintenance cost with common house

Mass production manufacturer. 30 years repair expense. In total  approx. 7.55 million yen. This large amount of expense motivates the owner to rebuild a new house. Mutenkakeikaku. 30 years repair expense. In total  approx. 2.55 million yen. The longer it takes, the bigger the gap of repair expense becomes.

the bigger the gap of repair expense becomes.

introducing 3 doctors

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Sugeon Dr. Yayama

To make with the materials in life

Human's body is the substance as well as bio-energy,
a masterpiece created perfectly as the nature is.

House is the same. It is the most significant to be pure
for body as well as house.

Sorry, more information is japanese only.

Dr. Hoshi

Use good materials for the body and prevent mold and fungus

To live healthy and long doesn't necessarily require difficult things. To know the point and treasure everyday life, you can aim for a health and longevity.

Sorry, more information is japanese only.

Dentist Dr. Ajitsu

Take advantage of the natural science energy

If you maintain the environment for teeth and body, that will be your value for the entire life.

You can say the same thing about a house. To maintain the environment, the house is valuable for health enhancement.

Sorry, more information is japanese only.

We make the house owner's dream and desire in shape.

Housing starts from life planning.

Our staff with the qualification of financial planner, house loan adviser, real estate transaction specialist, life consultant (life and properties insurance) specialize the housing planning and will provide diverse advise from many aspects and undertake life planning and household budget. We support your dream and desire to come true.
Please feel free to ask us.

Land search with architect's perspective

Collecting information - Introducing - Supporting all through to the contract

What is the best way to utilize the land to realize our customer's ideal life style? Having seen various conditions and lifestyles, we know what to offer. That's the advantage for architect to be able to offer the best way of the land usage for customer. Also our predecessor is a real estate company. Please entrust Mutenkakeikaku who fully knows the workings of real estate industry and property information distribution.

Offering the comfortable environment

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Mr. K

My bear foot doesn't get cold in winter.

We had condensation at the previous rental property as a matter of course, now we don't in this house. Air conditioner efficiency is good and the room gets warm quickly.
It is also interesting to see the solid wood changing its color to light brown gradually. I am happy to hear my friends tell us the feeling of wood is nice at their visit.

more works are here. Japanese only, but you can enjoy photographs!

Mr. T

After all I love wooden house.

I love the house of undressed concrete but it can easily stuck the heat inside and causes condensation. After all I think "the wooden house" is the best. Since I have some allergies, considering the physical burden, I am very happy to have this house made of high quality materials on "0 Zero manifesto".
The thing I am most amazed is the plaster's humidity control effect. I was surprised that the laundry got dried in some hours inside in a rainy day.
more works are here. Japanese only, but you can enjoy photographs!

Mr. I

House is the place to nurture life

I chose this because I sympathized the concept "Zero usage of chemical substance" by using solid wood for building materials and floor. They casted my wish for the structure into shape and I didn't feel any stress at the construction. We keep a good relationship with the company.
Because we want to tell my child "you were born here." in future, we had our child home birth surrounded by the scent of wood.

more works are here. Japanese only, but you can enjoy photographs!

Get connected with Mutenkakeikaku via SNS

Get connected with Mutenkakeikaku via SNS

Mutenkakeikaku run the community site to connect the house owner, staff, and the customers who want to have a house in future. This is the place to share information for people who want a house in future and have concerns.

There may be some people who can speak English, but we are not sure... So, if there aren't any, we can transrate for you.

This isn't just a house inspection, but this is a fun inspection.

Come and experience Mutenkakeikaku house.

We open the house for the fun inspection every month. Look, feel, and enjoy with experimental tools at the open house.
It is not same as a model house at the exhibition site, you can look at a house "in the actual size". We also run the informative seminar about house regularly.

If you want to experience our house, please contact us at E-mail.
We look forward to seeing you!

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